My Life, My Fantasy, My Philosophy Essay

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My Life, My Fantasy, My Philosophy - Descartes' Fourth Meditation, Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, Sir Francis Bacon's The Four Idols, and Walt Disney Every day is a process of discovery, and I have stumbled upon one about myself: I am a hypocrite; I live in a world of hypocrites, and here, on this earth, lies not one soul who can live happily otherwise. We have developed a defense mechanism against all that is unknown in this world and acquired a false sense of security of having control and actually knowing how it is that this world works. We protect ourselves by lying, by acting as if we are actually doing that which separates us from the animal world: questioning, analyzing, and searching for life’s truths. We pretend that we…show more content…
Why, then, do adults convince themselves they do not like their ex’s new significant other without ever having exchanged a single word with them? In Fourth Meditation, Descartes intends to prove the existence of God using only logic and reason, a task compatible to that of condemning aliment without ever tasting it or sizing up a complete stranger. The problem here is not the answer either comes up with. It is the means to which the answer is achieved: predisposition and deductive reasoning. We have the tendency of being biased and holding onto our ideals. We do this even in situations that call for us to put aside our fundamental beliefs, including the pursuit of real and complete truth. For example, when Descartes states he has forgotten all he held true, including his existence and the existence of God, he continues to prove both through “logic” stating: “…when I consider that I doubt…that I am an incomplete being, the idea of a complete being, that is to say God, presents itself in my mind with such distinctness and clearness, and, from that fact alone that this idea is found in me…I conclude that God exists” (465). What he is saying is that because he, as a being who exists incompletely can simply think of a being that exists completely, God must exist. More than logic or reason, Descartes explanation seems like a web of spurious correlations spun together by deductive reasoning. Besides that observation, if one is to look at where

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