My Life Of Becoming A Social Worker

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Three years ago, I dedicated myself to beginning the journey to becoming a social worker. My turbulent personal history with my dysfunctional family, abuse, and trauma implored me to assistance others the way that I had needed help many times in my past. I was told since childhood that education is not necessary for me because I was a Muslim girl and my life was to be poise and ready for my future husband. I wanted to be more and so I fought; I fought against the restrictions my family placed on me, the limitations of going to a public school in a poor city placed on my education, and the language and social barrier born from not knowing English proficiently. Teachers who witnessed my hunger for knowledge took me under their tutelage and …show more content…

As I discovered policy history, program evaluation, evidence-based practice my task oriented skill became my strength in allowing me to analytically grasp how truly comprehensive and diverse the social work field. The exuberant nature that was categorized before as a weakness was shown highly advantageous when working with groups or other mezzo practices. My organizational skills assist me in systematically understanding social work research and helps feed my fondness for data analysis. The skills and characteristics that craft who we are all have the potency to be strengths and the challenge is to recognize the potential uses it can have.
Born in a tiny village in third-world country, Bangladesh, my family immigrated to United States during the 90s, becoming citizens by the late 90s. I was raised in Hamtramck, Michigan; a community where diversity is part of everyday life and where poverty and social injustices is not unfamiliar. For my family it was haven, a community that embraced us as one of their own from the start. Detroit, a multifaceted community comparable to Hamtramck through its diversity became my home. These two cities have been my building blocks for cultural competence, forging my attitude of compassion and acceptance of difference. We are all unique but our differences do not need to be a barrier, it can bring us together. I bear witness to the immense love and pride these cities have for themselves, heritage, family, community and others

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