My Life Of My Mother

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When I was 5 I realized I would always have a temporary home, moving from place to place. My mother was always heavily induced with drugs and alcohol, never knowing my dad, unfortunately, I felt as if I was one big mistake on this earth. I watched my mother go from guy to guy, then one day she met Scott who told her everything she wanted to hear. One morning I watched mother slip on a long white flowy dress, dab some perfume on her neck that smelt like the daises I picked as a child, and we were out the door. I asked where were we going, and she said “Scott and me are getting married Sydney, you are going to have a father now.” I laid my head down in the back seat praying things would be better now. Watching him spin her around and pronounce his love to her, it was history from that moment. And for the first time in my life, as luck would have it, I had a place to call home… so I thought. “Sydney, you are going to be a big sister!” Said Scott, as he ran into my room. I was so happy to be a big sister! Nine months flashed before my eyes, and there she was, my little Skyler. I changed her, clothed her, and fed her while my mother worked late nights at a gas station and Scott was nowhere to be found after mother would leave. A couple months later I started noticing bruises the size of softballs of a deep yellow and blue on my mother’s arm. I asked her what it was, unfortunately she told me to keep quiet and that Scott played with her a little too rough. I would always hear the

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