My Life Short Story

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Story About My Life During the summer of 2017 life was perfectly fine, not worrying about stress and being carefree and single. This is why it was carefree and fun first I had a job at McDonald’s which I thought was going to be boring and dreadful but it turned out that I loved it the managers they were nice and I was very good at every job they gave me and then when paycheck day came I was cut 400 dollars which didn’t bother me much at first because the manager said he would fix it I just had to give him all of my hours that I worked. Giving him all of my hours was easy to do so I did that with no problem. After I gave him my hours 2 weeks have passed and I still never got my full paycheck then finally I talked to the managers which apparently they had no clue about it and told me to talk to another manager and then after that my brother took a vacation to Washington state and never came back so I was done at that point I walked out and then a few days later they gave me my paycheck’s and begged me to come back, I considered coming back but after all of that annoyance I wanted to have a good summer so instead I never went back. This didn’t hinder me of the good summer I wanted so from there the summer truly began. After putting up with that I went fishing with my Dad and for the first 3 days we didn’t catch one thing but we never lost hope so we kept giving another shot and my Dad caught a 10 lb. Largemouth Bass which was the first time I’ve ever seen a Largemouth

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