Short Story : My Story

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I sat in front of my bright, intense computer screen, desperately trying to finish my math homework. I was failing this class, as well as every other class, but I was far behind my peers in math. I was wishing I could have some alien genius tutor me. "Timothy! Dinner is ready!" I heard the familiar voice of my mom call out from downstairs. I swiftly hopped down the stairs to see her furiously chopping onions, so I assumed another person on Tinder rejected her. She had been searching for a new love for several months, since I suggested that she found someone. All she did was sit in her room and listen to Broadway cast albums, bursting in to tears after every song; I can barely concentrate on my homework. In fear of upsetting her even more, I decided not to say anything, so I begin to dig into the steak she made for me. Her emotions also got in the way of her tasks, therefore it was average cooking, and you could tell she wasn't in the best mood when she made it. I was hoping she wouldn’t say anything about my grades, but unfortunately for me, I'm not the luckiest person in the slightest. "So, I got another email from your math teacher," she mentioned, but I didn't reply. "You know, I'm really worried about your grades," but I still didn’t reply. I didn't want to engage in another fiery argument about my grades. We had this discussion about every week, and it never ended well for me. Let's just say I'm normally in my room doing math over the weekends. As she was about to

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