My Life Story

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Ishmael remembers a time when he was truly happy. He says “standing there with my family,
I felt light as if I were getting ready to fly.” (P.102 ) I have had some moments in my life when I was truly happy; most of those times were when I was with my family.
When I was around 4, my great-grandma took care of me and my siblings when my parents were at work. Which ironically, was the whole day and everyday except weekends. I loved her so much; she was my second mom. I always felt true happiness when I was with her (sounds weird, I know). There was never a dull moment with her. She was such a positive person, even when she got sick.
She always use to tell me stories, just like Ishmael’s grandma. Every story she told me, had some type of meaning or lesson and now that I’m older, I understand them. I always loved when she told me stories of when my dad was younger. She would pull me to the side during dinner and tell me of the times when my dad refused to share candy so she would take it away, and give it to his siblings. She would whisper to me “he was such a cry baby” and we would giggle until we both turned cherry red.
Another person, who I’m always happy to be around with, is my dad. My dad has risked everything for us. Whenever I got in trouble with my mom, he would take my side. He would say “Julia, leave her alone. She’s just a kid having fun.” And then he would turn to look at me, smile so big and wink. He’s always been there for us, and when my mom left, he stayed.

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