My Life Story

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Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you bought it? I did and have. My life was bought off of E-bay for $15.97 plus shipping and handling. It came in the mail three days after I ordered it, but take my advice, E-bay lives are boring! You won’t ever have anything to do. If you really want to try it, come find me and sample mine. You’ll see just how boring an E-bay life can get.
It was a chilly, windy November evening. The windows rattled with the movement of the wind. On this day, a fat baby girl was born. She weighed 10 pounds and 4 ounces with a height of 22 inches. It was November 18, 2003, the same birthday as Mickey Mouse. The time was 5:36 and her dad got off work at 5 o’clock. He got home, showered, and drove to Spencer. He arrived at 5:34 p.m. and almost missed it. The birth of his first daughter, she was welcomed into the world by her older brother Anthony, mom, and dad. This baby girl was me, and I’m going to tell you all about my life story.
I was six months old, my very first camping experience. My dad was sitting next to me on the couch, my mom on the chair, and my grandma in a chair next to her. My mom and grandma were talking, while my dad was supposed to be watching me and was actually watching T.V. I guess I wanted to be a gymnast because I was practicing tumbling. I was messing around and rolled right off the couch on to my head. My grandma and mom both trying to reach over the other side of the couch and catch me,

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