My Life To Remember : A Life To Remember

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A Life to Remember It was 4:03 am when we received the call. This call was not an average call. This call was a wake up call that not everything in life is a happy ending. My grandmother called with a very frantic tone that my grandfather fell and hit his head, she said that the ER was there but we need to get there as fast as possible. My parents and I jumped in the car so quickly to drive and retrieve my grandmother to go to the hospital. By the time we reached the hospital it was 4:55, this time that was only an amount of 51 minutes almost seemed an eternity. We got into the waiting room when they said they will be with us shortly. A room full of tears and an immense amount of thoughts was silent. When Dr. Marcotte came in the news was that my grandfather instantly passed away when he hit his head. The room that once was still was now speechless. The mix of emotions and thoughts emerged and this night was a night I would never forget, and not in a good way. A memory I cherish with my grandfather is listening to his stories and life lessons. I loved to hear them while my sister dreaded them. He has lived such an interesting life. My grandfather fought in the Vietnam War, on which he liked to educate me and teach me that fighting for his country was the best thing he could have done with his life. He taught me that being caring was one of the best traits you can hold. He tells me that the immigration from his homeland, Croatia, was one of the hardest decisions of his

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