My Life as an Orthodox Jew

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As the daughter of a Jewish woman, I grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family; so therefore I follow the Torah just like my family taught me. Orthodox Judaism, also known as Conservative Judaism, is a form of Judaism that is very strict and applies the laws and ethics of the Torah. Even though my family is more into the modern orthodox we still follow and respect our religion beliefs, philosophies, and practices. We follow and participate in all Jewish holidays and rituals. As an Orthodox Jew my family follows the daily practices of this religion such us dietary and dress restrictions. As an Orthodox Jew I have many important beliefs in my life that come from my religion. I believe there is only one G-d and often this G-d is beyond our ability to comprehend, but G-d is nevertheless present in our everyday lives. Most important of all I believe each individual's relationship with G-d is unique. I also believe that everyone is able to connect with him several different ways. As a Jew I also believe that every person was created" in the image of god"; thus every person is equally important and has the potential to make responsible choices and respond to the consequences of those choices. One of my biggest beliefs is that all Jews are uniquely connected with each other and that regardless of where we live in the world, all Jews are part of a global Jewish community. Lastly, as I mentioned before, I believe and follow the Torah which contains the 10 most important Commandments for

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