My Life in a Page

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Cough, cough. I’m sorry; please lean in close as I know I am not far from the Heavens. Pray, please listen to my story. Do you hear the sound of that baby? That was I breathing in my first breath. Ah, I can just smell the air of that spring day. I was born on March 18 1782 in Abbeville, South Carolina to Patrick and Martha Calhoun of Scotch-Irish descent. This hat here is an artifact from a confrontation between the Native Americans and my father and his family. My father lived but with four bullet holes to his hat but unfortunately my grandmother, two of my cousins, and my uncle did not make it. I graduated from Yale in the year 1804 but sadly I wasn’t able to deliver my senior speech “The Qualifications Necessary to Constitute a Perfect Statesman” since I was sick. I married my first-cousin-once-removed Floride Bonneau Calhoun on January 8, 1811. We had ten children together but only seven survived to adulthood. The other three died within a year of their birth. My fourth child, Anna Maria lived the longest, to the age of 58. She married Thomas Green Clemson who founded Clemson University. ( I was called “The Young Hercules” and was described as “a master spirit who stamps his name upon the age in which he lives … felling down the errors of his opponents with the club of Hercules.” ( During and before the War of 1812 I was a war
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