My Life 's Path And Choices Essay

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My mother’s important goals that filled our household after my father died included keeping our family out of poverty and for her children to obtain a high school education. My life’s path and choices had some correlations and parallels to the writings of Weaver, Tan, and Malcolm X. To venture back to a time that I have not thought about in years was difficult. The traditions discussed in this paper include hard work by intimidation and fear, poverty and the need to work, and gender discrimination. The traditions of my past did not become my future. The traditions my husband and I made for our family come from a better understanding of where we have been, the poverty we lived through, and the importance of education to a successful life.
My hard work and fear of failure was instilled in me by my father. My father was a strict disciplinarian and taught me and my five brothers that one must work hard, take pride in one’s work, and laziness was unacceptable. His method of instilling work ethics included fear and physical punishment. My early teachings of what constitutes work, and how one should work are still with me today. You must work hard, there are no excuses, and you must strive to provide a perfect product or service. The fear of failure is great; along with the idea that something bad will happen if you do not succeed. My father died when I was eight. From that point forward, my world consisted of the street we lived on, more specifically three households where three
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