What Is My Choices In Life Essay

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My choices in life were made by myself, and I believe that we can make our own decisions. The reason why I think like that is that I was taught the way, and it is also thanks to my family who encourage me to make my own decisions. Thus, I am so grateful to my family for all of its support and for teaching me to believe in myself. Additionally, I have to express my love for my teacher of high school. She was so nice to my whole class indeed she always encouraged us to make our own choice in everything. Also, I believe it is most important in life is to always try to follow your intuitions and everything is going to be fine. So, when I am going to face a decision, I always say to myself; I have to do it no one can make a decision for me, and even if I am going to deviate from the right path, I will never stray from what my heart has decided.
Since I was a little girl, I had the dream of working in a bank, but at
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One thing that really came true was the fact of being able to be in a university. This fills me with a lot of joy and hope because the key to success is having an education. In addition, this activity made me notice and affirmed that what one proposes in life can be achieved and that you can achieve your goals and dreams. You just have to have a lot of determination, courage, and hope. Also, when I was doing my new Career lifeline, I was very happy because it brought me good memories of my time in high school where I had a great time and what surprised me most was that many things I thought about doing, then were fulfilled, but also There are others that I could not fulfill, but I hope someday to be able to achieve all my objectives and give my
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