My Lifetime Intrigue With Tattoos Essay

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My lifetime intrigue with tattoos has led me to research the history and culture surrounding tattooing. I have already collected several pieces, both small and large, on my body and am endlessly curious about the culture of body modification. The objective of my research is to discover the ancient history of body art, the social and cultural significances and stigmas of tattoos, as well as to discover the process of getting a custom tattoo. After defining my objectives and doing preliminary research, I have chosen to analyze and interpret the existing research about this subject through a conceptual framework. This framework indicates that tattooing is an ancient art form practiced around the world for many different reasons and has a diverse cultural and social significance in today’s societies. This framework was chosen as a result of preliminary reading and analyzing existing research about the history and culture of tattooing. This existing research has shown that the practice of tattooing dates back to ancient civilizations, as well as the different perceptions of body art in current global societies, both negative and positive. My research will consist of three topics; ancient tattooing history, the recent history and the emergence of western practice, and the social and cultural significance and stigmas in global societies today.

Research area 1 – History of ancient tattooing

Each of the sources I have chosen for my first research area, ancient

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