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My Little Pride and Joy

For months I had considered adopting another purebred Pomeranian to add to my to my family and bring tons of joy. I checked the purebred puppies on Washington Pomeranian Breeders every day as new puppies were added including pictures. I looked at many puppies, some were orange, some crème, black, chocolate and some were blue. I saw many cute puppies and was charmed by each of them. I wanted to bring them all home. Then I saw the puppy of my dreams. She was so cute and alert and she had the cutest smile on her little face that said “take me home!” I was smitten at once and knew this was the one puppy I had been searching for. Blue merle parti-colored she was with a little black nose and long white legs. Her ears are black and the color blends in with her blue markings on her head. She has a white blaze face and small white muzzle. She has a long white collar from the top of her neck to her shoulders, then blue merle on her body with a large black patch on her right side. The base of her tail is dark to the middle and the rest of it is white. She has tiny blue spots on her legs and paws and her pads are pink and blue. Her listed name was Exquisite Sarah. I spoke to an agent on the phone and he put my name on her and she would fly United Airlines from California to SeaTac airport that week and I would pick her up. I immediately had a name for her. I named her Celeste Babette Bouvier as I felt that fit her to a tea

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