My Love Life Essay

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It was early in the morning; I was pulling myself together, throwing on my shoes and dragging my self over to galactica, making my way over to the last day of school. There I was saying goodbye to all of my friends, but this time it was a little different. There wasn’t that summer atmosphere in my heart, I was ten years old and everything I knew was just about to change and I didn’t even see it coming. Planet Blathnik was about to be my past, and I’d better buckle up cause I was about to board a train that was going to go faster than I could ever imagine. But first, there is a little bit about my past you should know too precisely understand what my life was going to be like once I stepped off this earth.

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There I was jumping on my hoverbike, and I know a little old fashion, but just so that you don't feel out of time this was in year 84.81.88 and even though it wasn't exactly up to date it was the best thing I had. My dad wasn't precisely pocket-friendly, but that doesn't matter cause on trash day, there it was, still running and maybe much more massive than me but it was nevertheless the best thing I had and only took a giant hop just to get on top. It was fast and dangerous and flew me down the streets of my city all the way to the beautiful girl I was waiting all day to see. I got there with a smile on my face, knocked on the door, and her mother answered, told me that she was just on her way back from her friends and that she would be returning sometime soon. She didn't exactly know I was coming to visit her but I wanted to surprise her cause I knew it might be the last time I'd see her for a long time.

There she was her hair in the air and her bright smile of laughter as she road her way towards me, with whom it seemed as her friend. She stopped near me but before she could say anything her friend interrupted. What are you doing here? With a displeased look on her face and as I struggled to get my words out, I was finally able to say what I wanted to. Uh, um, I'm... here to see Stella. What, why, like how do you know where she lives? Um, she's my girlfriend? And there it struck me; I didn't

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