Romantic Relationships Essay

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Gender Roles and Responsibility in Romantic Relationships Across Cultures
One of the topics touched on in our AGRO 106 - 001 was gender roles and responsibility in romantic relationships. I am American however I was raised in Caribbean culture, more specifically in a Jamaican household. So I see both ‘hands’ of gender roles and what is expected in relationships from each party. I also see the pros and cons of pre determined gender roles in romantic relationships as well responsibilities based on gender.
Gender roles and responsibilities in general means that there a set of ideas are put in place based on how men and women should behave, represent and dress themselves. According to the multi sourced article “Gender Roles In Romantic …show more content…

home late, skipping studies, etc.) So when in a relationship, girls are told, groomed rather the serve her husband, take care of the children, etc. very rarely is she encouraged to work or support herself / dreams. While men either provide financially for the homes or are not held to any type of standard.
This is a common issue in American relationships because it causes a discourse. According to “What are gender roles and stereotypes?,” on, this creates stereotypes that does not allow people to express themselves and their emotions. There are four types of stereotypes: personality traits, domestic behaviors, occupations and physical appearance. Hypermasculinity is the aggrandizement of stereotypes that is thought to be masculine and Hyperfemininity is the female version of Hypermasculinity. Exaggerated gender roles causes a displace in relationships. Those who are considered to be hyperfeminine are most likely to endure (emotional/physical) abuse from their partners and hypermasculine are most likely to do the abusing.
Having predetermined gender roles in Jamaica, or in the Caribbean, romantic relationships creates a common inequality in gender. But before men and women get into romantic relationships, everything begins in the home. As children we learn and gradually come to understand what our gender roles are, for example, girls would do chores and help with Grant Thompson 3 housework while boys help outside and run

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