My Love Of Books

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I can hardly imagine my life without begin able to read or write. These skills are not vital to one’s survival as are obtaining food, clothes or shelter; however, they have been and still are definitely “life preservers” and “instrumental to my survival.” As a little girl, I remember a favorite nursery rhyme book I looked at over and over, and learning to read an Early Reader book about Dick, Jane, Spot and Puff in school. I was so excited when I could read the words to go with the pictures. I worked hard trying to print single letters and the letters of my name on a tablet of specially-lined paper designed for printing both uppercase and lowercase letters. I looked forward to the Weekly Reader magazine, as well as the special school book-fair orders. What would I pick next? Later on, I acquired a few teen romance paperbacks and bought teen magazines. I still have that favorite nursery rhyme book and those first paperbacks; they are part of me. What influenced my love of books was having them present in our home as well as other family members’ homes. In particular, an aunt and uncle we visited in North Carolina every summer had floor-to-ceiling bookcases loaded with books. I could hardly wait to explore these bookshelves in search of familiar favorites and any new ones. Thus, a dream of mine became to have a room of wall-to-wall shelves of books of my own. As an older child, I would hurry through my chores so I could catch the bus to the public library in downtown

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