My Love Of My Life

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Have you ever had something you love taken away from you in the worst way possible? Believe it or not, I have had that happen to me. It wasn't something material like a phone, book or even money. It was something much more precious, something that you only find once in a lifetime. This thing was taken away in a way that you might think has ceased to exist or would only happen in the medieval times. Thanks to the idiots and ignorance of the people being misled. Our natural response to something that we don't understand is to automatically consider it bad or evil. The day I lost my love of my life by savages of the town in Mexico thinking liking another man was a “demonic” act according to the church. When I try to forget about it just bubbles back up like if there was a movie repeating over and over again. The day it was different it felt like a cold day very vivid, my mother wasn't home nowhere to be seen so I decided to go to the store we own, down by the plaza. when I got to the plaza I saw the most scarring image in the world an image that will haunt me till the day, It was my Friend and lover being kicked by everyone in the plaza.I went into shock at the sight of him being Injured, bruises all over the place he was unrecognizable. You could hear him crying and screaming “STOPPPPP PLEAS”. And people Screaming “FAGGET” “DIEE” I felt my heart beating like if it was going to Jump out of my shirt. seeing her mother crying being held back and his own dad kicking him

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