The Most Important People In My Life

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They say families always are there for you all the time that they are the most important people in your life. In this case, that is true they are, but at the same time friends become more than that which makes them be part of the family. The people that help me accomplish my goals would be my mom, stepfather and my boyfriend.
My mom’s name is Maria Reyes, and she currently lives in Brownsville, Texas about 1,318 miles away from here in Iowa. She is works as secretary for two companies; she has been doing this more than 15 years. My mother would prefer for me to focus on school because she was very intelligent when she was my age. She notices that I love sports when I was very young like around 7 years old therefore she allowed me to play sports. She was worried that I will only focus on sports and not school. I got to my senior year; my mother started noticing that I was getting emails from different colleges to compete for cross country and track so she finally realize it was time to let her daughter do what she loves to do which was running. She started supporting me in going to William Penn University, so she helped buy what I needed to start my journey here in Iowa. She motivated me each day to do really good in school and sports in my senior year. She is everything to me because she helped get me this far with my dreams of actually competing in college and going out of state to do pursue my career. She is the reason why I am here today running and studying here because

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