My Love Of Reading And Writing

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Ever since grade school, reading and writing have been forced upon me and many other students. Like some of my peers, I didn't enjoy having to read and write more than twice a day. Despite my long exposure to english and countless and enthusiastic approaches from my teachers, my love for english never grew. Perhaps my dislike for english began when reading and writing was more than a chore rather than a hobby. Since kindergarden, my teachers would read to us everyday until we learned how to read, then we would have to read quietly in class. These class and silent reading sessions were supposed to open our minds and help us explore the world of reading and writing to be more creative but this was not the case with me. My mind was more active during our math and science lessons but we would only have these for about an hour or less. Math and science require logical thinking and most of the time the results are very similar while english and writing are subjective and we can have different opinions on the same subject and still be correct. Personally I am more of a logical thinker than a creative one. Up to this day, having to read and write is still a big priority in education plans, and just like it happened to me, it is being enforced on all students. In grade school, there was a system called A.R. that would quiz us on the books we had to read and instead of reading for enjoyment we would read to meet the requirement. If we did not meet the requirement every week we would
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