My Love Of Reading

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Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a strong reader. At the young age of five I began to read to my mother, father, brothers, and anyone else would let me pick up an endless amount of books and divulge to my audience the stories within them. In elementary school I read as many books as I could to take my Accelerated Reader tests and accumulate points. At first it was just because the student with the most points got prizes, but eventually I read as much as I could because I truly enjoyed reading and wanted to see how fast I could finish one book and begin another one. When we took reading tests to see what level reader we were, I was always a few grade levels up from the other students. I never thought anything of it, I enjoyed reading higher level books because they were always more interesting to me. Stories intrigued me and I loved learning new things. In fifth grade, reading sort of halted and writing took up most of our time. That was when I discovered I also was not half bad at writing my own stories. My imagination could run wild with ideas and thoughts and I loved creating an exciting suspenseful story. Throughout middle school my love for writing continued to grow and my writing abilities did also. I had always been told I was an avid reader and strong writer, and I believed it myself. It wasn’t until I got to high school did I not feel as adequate as a writer. High school English and reading classes were much different than those in middle

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