My Main Expectation Coming Into $ 115, Law And Justice

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My main expectation coming into WRA 115 “Law and Justice in the United States” was that I would learn to read and write law related papers. Although my expectations couldn’t have been farther from the truth, it ended up being a good thing. I expected that significant time would be spent reading law related documents and learning to read “legalease”. Although this would be relevant to me, it would be a little early to start learning law related material. For me, when writing, its important that I’m writing about something that I either enjoy or something I’m interested in. My main goal was that I’d be able to creatively express myself through telling interesting stories. This class accomplished that with the freedom that was allotted to me when it came to choosing what I wanted to write about. In other classes I’ve just been given very specific prompts that don’t allow a lot of creativity. Although a majority of the papers I have written this semester were research oriented, through this class I was able to write papers relevant to myself. The first paper, the learning memoir, allowed me to reflect back onto a fond memory that I thoroughly enjoyed expanding on and that has had a significant impact on my life. This paper was probably my favorite to write, but it also went very wrong when I incorrectly submitted the memo. I automatically lost a lot of points on a paper that would have otherwise done well. I also didn’t maintain the papers main focus throughout, and my

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