My Discourse Community Project

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Looking back over the semester and pondering all that I’ve learned is a bit of a shock. Included in my portfolio are two papers that I have revised and added to. The revision process is not an easy one for me to complete. A perfectionist with time limitations, is not an easy balance for me to maintain, so while my papers are never perfect, I do try to be thorough when completing an assignment. The variety of topics covered in this class are vast and have added an innumerable amount of success to my writing skills that cross over into daily life as well as my other classes. Friendships that I didn’t have prior to this class are an added bonus that I was not counting on. For my first revision, I chose my paper, Parenting, The Eye of the Storm. That research is a requirement for this assignment, in hindsight was fortuitous. Non Suicidal Self Harm was the topic I chose to write about due to the fact I had just learned that my 14-year-old daughter, Kayla, started cutting herself. I also have a niece who struggles …show more content…

Originally, overwhelmed by the requirements and the depth of the expectations, as I completed each step in the process I met the expectations. My Political Science professor is who I decided to interview and as I interviewed him for this project and took the time to know him better my enthusiasm for this project increased as did my interest in the Political Science field. In addition to the fact that his class is one of my favorites, I know what I have learned in English has transferred as I write for his class. In fact, I have done so well that he asked me to be his TA next semester. Learning how to write effectively through the use of Ethos, Pathos and Logos have been extremely beneficial and as I mentioned during my presentation, this has crossed over into my personal life as well. Use of these modes was a large part of convincing Kayla to tell me the truth about her

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