My Meditation Practice Plan For The Physical Aspect

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My mindfulness practice plan will consist of the four areas physical, emotional, spiritual, and vital/rhythmic. The mindfulness practice plan which I have developed, provide activities which I currently enjoy doing, as well as ones that I have not experienced but have always been interested in trying. I am a very spiritual person, and therefore the spiritual area for me is one aspect that I feel is extremely important when dealing with healing one’s self. Also, being an emotionally driven individual, the emotional aspect I believe has to be in balance in order for the physical aspect to be done successfully. C1a Create two goals for each of the four aspects: The first goal in my practice plan, for the physical aspect, is to start drinking more water. This has always been a challenge for me, because I find water to be boring and lacking taste. However, I know that hydrating your body is important for many different reasons. It not only flushes out toxins in your body, but also keeps your skin clear, and helps with weight loss, among many other things. One way that I will work to meet this goal, is to buy water bottles in bulk. By doing this, I will have the ability to grab and go a bottle to take with me when I am heading to work or to have in the car instead of stopping someplace to buy a soft drink. Another way that I will reach this goal, is to buy some drink mixes to put in the water in order to make it taste better to me since the lack of taste has been an

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