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The only thing constantly in my head over the duration of my deployment was my wife. I may have been fighting for my country, but she’s the only reason why my mind still orders my muscles to strain themselves. Every time I slept, it was like she was actually with me and I could feel her soft touch that was more soothing than the ocean breeze on a ninety degree day back in Oregon. Well, at least when I was mentally able to sleep, which only came about three nights a week. Unlike a large number of the men on base, I hadn’t broken down yet. Not physically, not mentally. What I didn’t know, was that next time I woke up from a dream with my wife, and the next time I jumped up into the cockpit to fly an aircraft, would be the last time I was capable…show more content…
Only after about two seconds, I didn’t see Haystack Rock anymore. My eyes must have gone wide. “What’s wrong?” Jane insisted, but I couldn't even hear her at the time. The only image that came to mind when seeing something that big was the enormous, grey mushroom cloud that swallowed the light right out of the sky when we dropped. All I could see was the view of that destruction from my cockpit. “I’m fine honey, thanks. It’s just uhh, a lot bigger than I expected.” The first night at the cabin, our new home, was actually quite nice. Jane made a deviled chicken and must’ve used a bird weighing more than Rosemary. We dined outside on the picnic table, and to be nice, I gave the girls the side with the view. In reality I just didn’t enjoy having to look at the rock. We were blessed with a gorgeous sunset over the Pacific, which made it a little bit easier not to picture the haunting mushroom cloud; however, it was the wine that helped the most. The cabin is fairly petite, but provides more comfort and space than the three of us need. Rosemary has her own room, just like at the old house, that her and her mother painted a rather strange yet intriguing pastel shade of green. The master bedroom was styled more so like a log cabin. Wooden planked walls and a hardwood floor, a more ambient lighting, and even a fireplace made our room seem like like a vacation. I soon found out that the fireplace was going to be…show more content…
The rain began to come down and wash away some of the dust off of us, but we were all lounging against the rock, not knowing what to do. We figured the rain wasn’t going to last for long, and sure enough it didn’t, I was standing up to get ready to leave when I saw it. Just over the heads of two of my crewmates was a group of letters, seemingly only to be showing because of their lighter tone, as if they hadn’t got wet from the rain. USSR. “Did any of you guys somehow write this on the face of the rock?” I asked my crew, even though I was certain they didn’t. The entire crew stood there, eyes locked to the somehow dry writing of USSR, and not a single word said. I walked back towards the rock and wiped my hand on my jacket to steal some of the water droplets still resting on the polyester. I wiped my hand all over the strange lettering and not a single bit of it faded or
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