Ridgecrest Descriptive Writing

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Nestled snuggly into the Blue Ridge Mountains was Ridgecrest, North Carolina. Getting there was no joke seeing as the ears popped every five minutes, but the scenery was beautiful. Ridgecrest itself was quite a sight to behold as well with its serene backdrop. Hotels and cabins were arranged neatly across the campus giving the environment a spacey feel. Ridgecrest, North Carolina is an amazing place to spend a productive weekend, with many fun activities to do. Quickly the tall buildings and bright lights fade away and start to meld with nature giving way for the tall, thick trees that lined the side of the highway. The signs, which were big and green in color, was suspended above. Directing our way, the signs stated the gas stations that appeared almost every two exits, assisting us greatly. Overhead were bridges that crisscrossed this way and that as if it were shielding the drivers down below. Traffic, which was little to none did not hinder our passage to Ridgecrest. Occasionally a car passed by racing towards some sort of imaginary finish line Diving up a mountain can be quite frustrating especially when getting to certain altitudes the ears start to pop. It is the …show more content…

There was another complex across the road which seemed to look over every few minute. Meeting into the center was a trial that led right back to the lobby. Walking past the lobby towards the more dense area of the center was a branched off arm of the trail leading to the recreation center, trails, gym, and lake. The center was huge filled with soccer balls, basketballs, and volleyballs. Father up ahead was the lake whose essence was magnificent. The lake bordered on all sides by trees shone brightly as the sun reflected of its surface. Birds and squirrels could be heard scurrying around and talking to one another, allowing a placid feeling to govern the

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