My Mom Hated Me Essay

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Growing up I was an abused child who wanted nothing more than to break free of the horrible torture that was imposed on me every day of my childhood. My mother hated me, and she was not shy in saying so. She would belittle me as if it gave her some kind of sick pleasure in destroying my fragile, developing ego. Naturally, I would grow up to be a person who didn’t have any ambition or goals for the future. This was because I focused all of my energy on the thought of getting away. I just wanted to be free, somewhere, anywhere; it didn’t matter to me.
I am not sure exactly when my mother decided that she hated me, but it was definitely apparent in all of her actions. She would blame me for anything that …show more content…

Many days I would sweep up the chunks of pulled out hair that left tiny little bald marks all over my aching head.
When I would escape I would go to my best friend’s house. Her mother Denise despised my mother and always said that if she could adopt me that she would do it in a New York minute. I loved to be there because I felt safe. My mom hated Denise and would insult the family and call them unspeakable obscenities. She knew that I would have rather been with my best friend’s family than with her, and she would accuse me of not having a loyal bone in my body. I did though; I was loyal to what I thought was right and true, and it definitely wasn’t beating an innocent child because I hated my own life.
I didn’t care what she thought; in my eyes she was the monster; she was the one who couldn’t accept the blame for anything. She was the one that would never apologize no matter how much pain she had put me through.
It was obvious to me that my mother had a serious problem. The drugs that she would take just to get through the day and the abusive childhood had played a role in the person that she had become. Her father had started the cycle of abuse and my mother let it continue turning her into the weak domineering, selfish evil mother that I never wanted or deserved.
I always blamed myself for her behavior, partly because every time that she would punch me, I always told myself that I would never forgive her. I

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