My Most Formative Memories Of The South

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I was raised in the south nestled in a small town outside of an even smaller city in North Carolina. Growing up in the south was an education on it’s on. For starters, I was not short of discipline. I realized that a lot of my friends’ parents just “negotiated” with them from age two and beyond. This is not acceptable in the south. One of my most formative memories is being popped in the mouth by my grandmother in front of the entire line at Winn-Dixie because I called her a name - one that rhymes with "witch" but starts with a B. It was a moment equivalent in education to about four full years of schooling. This brings me to the next quality important in the south; Respect or elders. Talking back to an adult in the south, or not calling someone ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ is a one-way ticket to not being able to sit on your rear-end for about a week. Even today, as an adult in my 20’s, I still call older people “Mr.” and “Ms.” out of force of habit. I’ll likely do it until I am dead because my parents have drilled this into my brain since I was a small child.
Throughout middle and high school, I was never one to enjoy the academic side of school. School takes up a lot of time in your life. As children you are forced to attend school; all states passed laws stating that children must attend until a certain age. I agree that children should have to receive an education, but because of how school is conducted, children are forced to become little adults. They are intimidated into

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