My Mother : My Personal Experience

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When one is asked how his life lives the way that it becomes, he will always say that it was through someone else's influence. People could surely attest to this perception knowing that we are all surrounded by different individuals; those who could make or break us or those who could be the boon or bane in us.

According to Merriam Webster"learning is the knowledge acquired through experience, study or being taught" The person who affected my outlook on learning is my mother.I, with my two siblings, was raised alone by my mother because our father have been working abroad.He is a us merchant marine and used to go home once a year or more.It was only our mother to solely guide and lead us in the right path of life.My mother was a teacher in a public school in our hometown,Olongapo City, Philippines and because she was a public servant who showed great dedication to service and has constantly performed exemplarily in the worplace, she was rose from the ranks and now become a public school district supervisor.During my younger years, i was a living testimony of my mother's hardwork and perseverance when she pursued her Masteral Degree and Doctorate Degree that made her what she is now; a government employee with sense of integrity and strong leadership. My Mother was my first teacher in reading and writing. True enough when Dr. Rizal considered her mother his first and greatest teacher. It was such a relatable claims of him because i also experienced it during my younger

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