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My Non-Functional Pancreas My life growing up was everything a kid could dream of: playing outside, having a ton of friends, and even eating whatever I wanted. What kid doesn’t want that? This is something that has changed my life completely. This is when I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. Close to the end of Kindergarten, I was extremely sick. Normally, even when I was sick, I would still be playing and doing what any other little girl would do. However, this time it shocked my parents deeply. While I was ill I did not want to eat anything, I always wanted something to drink and I was losing an extreme amount of weight for a six year old girl; to the point where my clothes did not fit me correctly and my underwear hung on me instead of being snug. I was not healthy by any definition. I was sleeping constantly and when I bent over, you could count all of the vertebrae in my back. Concerned, my mom called my pediatrician and they decided to bring me in the next day; instead of waiting until my annual birthday check-up. It seemed like a normal doctor’s visit, they took my vitals and collected a urine sample. What seemed like a lifetime was only thirty minutes until my doctor, Doctor Zipf, came in with the horrible news. They explained to my mother and I that what happened to me was Type One Diabetes. In fact, I was suffering from an extreme side effect that was called Diabetic Ketoacidosis. What Diabetic Ketoacidosis is, is when all of the insulin in my pancreas stops
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