My Note On My Job

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My job here is to do my best to try and get you to think I’m some sort of amazing person who has done so much even though I’ve been through a lot. I’m supposed to make you think that I’m smart and charming and brave. I’ve been told to write about my life so you’d think of me as more than a number, but how am I supposed to tell you the real me and my story when It can jeopardise my chance of getting into my dream college. We all know what the admission counselors want to hear, we know what will get us the free pass. I don’t want to write an essay based on lies. When I go around talking to my peers about what they’re writing about, they say they’re going to exaggerate or lie and some are more confused than possible. We sit here as students, but we do have a life outside of these walls. When you don’t do well in school, you’re expected to have a sob story about how hard your life was and how you couldn’t do your homework and all the trials you went through. The fact that this letter is known for that, is wrong. I want to tell you the truth, but will it stand out from the billions of essays other amazing students have written, will it stay with you because of my honesty? Probably not, but let 's start over it’s worth a try, right? Hi, my name is Saido Hassan and I’m an African American seventeen year old. I was born in Kenya to be specific. I came here when I was six years old, but that’s not when I was supposed to come. I was three years old when I was about to take my first
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