My Nursing Career Path

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I have chosen nursing as my career path because there are numerous of opportunities to help make a difference in many people’s lives. It is a great part of the medical field that allows you to be the best part of you. I have a natural sense of care and always assuring that others are safe before myself.
When I was five years old I was diagnosed with meningitis. The doctors informed my parents that the illness had a possible chance of getting better on its own, or it could be life-threatening, both required urgent antibiotic treatment. The nurse preformed a spinal tap to collect cerebrospinal fluid, this helped identify that it was viral meningitis. The nurses consistently checked on me, which I’m sure made my parents feel better. They listened to my parents and briefly answered all their concerns. …show more content…

Showing empathy to a sensitive subject and comforting each patient is extremely important, while staying caution about their diverse opinions and especially their traditional beliefs. The way a patient is treated leaves a long-lasting impression of the facility and the individual caregiver.
Being a nurse involves the desire to help others in need, which I know fits my lifestyle. I am motivated to continuously learn and work as hard as possible to succeed in this excellent program. I am goal-oriented and ready to further my education by being trained to be a well knowledgeable nurse. I will strive to become a nurse because they are the future of healthcare.
Therefore, that is why the committee should consider choosing to accept my

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