My Values And Beliefs Of Nursing

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Philosophy of Nursing
Everyone’s values and beliefs about the profession of nursing are all different. The four concepts of nursing are interrelated and all mean something different to every person, too. Throughout this paper, I will be reflecting on my values and beliefs about nursing through the four concepts while comparing them to a nursing theorist with views that are most similar to my own.
My Values and Beliefs of Nursing
I choose nursing as my future career because I enjoy working with others, helping others feel better, and educating people. These three topics are all involved in what nursing is. I believe that nursing is focused on the holistic care of individuals and their families in order to achieve and maintain an optimal level of health, a great quality of life, and comfort. This is done through the promoting healthy living, providing a safe environment, preventing illness, and the caring for the individual and the family. My Views of the Nursing Concepts
After evaluating what the nursing concepts mean to me, I found that they are most similar to Florence Nightingale’s theory. For the first concept of nursing, I think it is the holistic care of individuals to provide an optimal level of health and function, comfort, safety, and education. With holistic care, nurses focus on the mind, body, and spirit. Not only does nursing deal with caring for the individual, but also education is a large part of nursing. To me, the second concept of nursing,
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