My Nursing Philosophy Essay

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What nursing is defined as in my opinion, is more of a philosophy. I see nursing as a combination of beliefs and ideals that revolve around the concepts of compassion, integrity, and sacrifice. I have always viewed nurses as caring and compassionate towards their patents. There is a quality in their personalities in that they truly care about who they are working with. Nurses are also ones who can be trusted, as you know that they regard their job to the highest degree. Nurses will not compromise, and will do whatever necessary to ensure the health of their patients. Sacrifice is another concept I associate with nursing. Nurses put their patients above themselves and will gladly go out of their way to ensure their wellness. If I had …show more content…

A major contributor to my nursing philosophy was my being in the Air Force, and the many knowledgeable and supportive supervisors an co-workers that I had. The Air Force has the core values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. I feel that these core values helped shape my nursing philosophy. I feel integrity is an integral part of nursing as we must always do the right thing no matter what. I believe that nurses must also put their service of helping others above themselves. Nursing is not a job but is a sense of duty, and I those who truly desire to be nurses have no issue putting others above them. I believe that nurses must also strive to perform to the highest level possible. We must strive for excellence in all we do as a means to provide the most competent and effective care possible. It is the reinforcement of these core values by my mentors, and their application to my professional and educational experiences that contribute to my personal philosophy of

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