My Philosophy Of Nursing And Nursing

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The profession of nursing has matured from the time of Florence Nightingale. Nursing has gone from just treating dying soldiers on the battlefield to helping guide people through their entire lives from birth to death. The maturation of nursing has led to changes in nursing philosophy and allowed for practitioners of Nursing to meld these philosophies together to form their own philosophy. In this paper I will explain my philosophy of nursing and compare it to Virginia Henderson 's definition of nursing along with discussing some of the changes to Nurse philosophy I will also discuss some of the difficulties to being a patient advocate. My Nursing philosophy My philosophy of Nursing has changed from my first experience with Nursing to now. I began forming my nursing philosophy when I was young and started my interaction with the health care system. I began thinking as Nurses as the worker bees in hospitals, they changed your bandages and gave medicine, but not much else. My philosophy began to change as I entered the military I began to see Nurses as professionals that were an important part of the healthcare system, they made decisions had autonomy and were expected to perform duties without direct supervision. I had always wanted to work in healthcare, but I began to see Nursing as a profession I wanted to join. During my career in the military I had the chance to cross train into the medical field as a medical technician, a unlicensed LPN. My philosophy changed again,
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