My Nutrition Imbalance Caused By Not Eat Adequate Amounts Of Asdkfajskf

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Nutrition is a very important part of our everyday lives. Before a person can have a diet that meets their needs for weight maintenance or weight lost, they have to first understand their nutritional needs. Deity plus was used to track my food intake from Sunday February 26 through Thursday March 2. This process showed me that I need to take steps to address my nutrition imbalance caused by not eat adequate amounts of asdkfajskf, adfkajsfkls,a sdfnalskfj and consume too much salt because continuing my current eating habits could lead to adverse health consequences later in the future. In this paper, I will discuss, the major problems in my current diet, ways to fix them, and barriers that I may encounter. Before reviewing my food…show more content…
This overconsumption may or may not be a problem since I am an athlete. There is an ongoing debate about whither athletes should be allowed to have more protein in their diet to help rebuild muscle after workouts. Current, my empty calorie intake is at 848.5, which is 319% of the recommended 266…This extra fat is being stored in my body as central and subcutaneous fat. ….On the other hand it is crystal clear the the consumption of too much salt is not good for the body. It can not only lead to hypertension, but could also cause electrolyte imbalance which leads to an area of other problems. My salt intake is at 3,210.31 mg. This is 214% of the recommended sodium intake of 1500 mg. The was even a red exclamation make located by this statistic to help draw my attention to it. Energy import and expenditure disbalance leading to weight gain…..Average calorie intake was 2081 and my average calorie expenditure was 1831. The difference between those two ( intake-expenditure) was an average net gain of 250 for the five days. The total calorie intake was 10403 and the total calorie expenditure was 9155, so the net gain over those five days was 1248. Intervention: reduce my salt intake by eating foods that are not as salty…. Educate myself on the average salt content of foods that are regular in my diet. Increase the variety of foods that I eat to include more vegetables, fruits, and dairy. Decrease protein consumption. Eat less energy dense foods. Myplate provided

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