My Observation Of A High School Science Classroom

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Observing high school science classes was an interesting and enlightening experience. Being in the classroom for the first time since I was a high school student made me view certain aspects differently. The multiple atmospheres of classes, teacher and student relationships, and student behavior were all noted during my observations. I was able to experience both positive and negative interactions between teachers and students, which was interesting. One of the classes I observed was an honors biochemistry class of tenth and eleventh graders. The teacher started each class with a “Do Now”, that typically directed students to take out their homework assignment from the previous class and their laptops that the school provides to each student. Mrs. Meyers began her classes by reviewing content that was covered form the previous day and assessing what the students know. They called out answers to questions and discussed topics that they recalled. From the information that the students provided, Mrs. Meyers expanded on it and addressed and confusion. In one class, the teacher began with a self quiz that was taken on the student’s laptops. The quiz grade wasn’t taken by the teacher, but rather used for self evaluation. If they didn’t receive a satisfactory grade, it gave them a good idea of what to study for their upcoming quiz. Different handouts were distributed, depending on their quiz score, although they were encouraged to take both handouts for extra practice. Most of
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