My Opinion On Formal Assignments

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An informal written assignment allows me to express my opinion in a manner not permitted within the context of formal assignments. To that end, allow me to suggest that I abhor informal assignments. I don’t like these types of assignments because you are forced to discuss yourself. I don’t want to talk about myself. I can read a textbook and provide an analysis of various theoretical approaches or modalities. However, ask me to discuss myself and I become anxious and tensed. My apprehension about this assignment type is not because of a lack of understanding. As a teacher, I understand why a student discussing him or herself is so important. Yet, I continue to struggle with my assignment. I know that sharing parts of myself will help my instructor to understand and connect with me. But then I wonder what should I share. I also contemplate just how much to share. The assignment may be informal in terms of structure; but it is also a task that poses greater difficulty than I would relish. Another issue with the assignment is the topic. Who really wants to discuss their feelings on death? Truthfully, I know my challenge with this topic is because it is a personal battle that I have already had difficulties with in many areas of my life. I have always had a difficult time accepting or dealing with death. I struggle with death professionally as I see so many counseling clients that have been negatively impacted by loss. I struggle tonight as a teacher with the realization that
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