My Parents Essay

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My parents have always been very caring and reassuring. They pushed me to be where I am today. They are my allies. They significantly helped me get through many tough times at school. I was doing well with most of the subjects but there was one that I definitely was not fond of: math. I did not hate math; in fact, I enjoyed math. I simply did not like that I was not doing well in it. I often had trouble using the information I learned in class to solve equations on the homework. I was also the kind of person to rush through many of the problems that I thought I knew how to do, resulting in silly mistakes. I was getting stressed out about my grades and lost hope in being the all A’s student my parents were encouraging me to be. Getting into …show more content…

I did not want her to make this a bigger problem than it was. “Nothing. Everything is okay, Mama.” I replied looking down. “Kaia, I know something is wrong. Tell me and I will help.” “Well, it’s just that I’m stressed out about my grades.” I admitted. “Everyone else is getting all A’s and I don’t want to disappoint you and Tata. Especially since you made a big deal about me getting into gifted.” My mom looked at me understandingly. “Don’t worry Kaiusia. You don’t need to get perfect grades all the time. As long as you are doing your best I am proud of you.” She remarked. “And don’t compare yourself to other people. Focus on yourself. Go at your own pace and you’ll be fine. I’m also pretty sure you are not the only one going through this. Talk to your friends and maybe you will feel a little better. Remember, come to me whenever something isn’t going well. I love you ” “Thanks Mama. Love you too.” I responded. I felt relieved that my mom understood the situation. I finally went to sleep and woke up the next morning with a better attitude. It took me a while to reduce the amount of times I would compare my grades to other students’ grades; I still do it sometimes. When I do, I just remember back to what my mom always says: “Don’t compare yourself to other people”. She has helped me cope with my stress then and I know she will for many more years to come. In the end, to say that I am thankful for all that my parents have done for me would be

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