My Parents Influence

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My parents are the biggest influences on my life. They have raised me differently than anyone that I know. Tiny differences in many different cultures have made me who I am. The have taught me how to reach for the stars, and I need to be focused in order to them reach them. I must work hard in order to be successful in life, but hard work always pays off. My mom and dad were born in the north and in England respectively, so my upbringing is different than a traditional southerner. My parents did not participate in the stereotypical southern activities and traditions when they were children, so I did not either when I was younger. We never have never farmed, raised any livestock, or listened to county music. We participate in some similar activities like going to Friday night football games and loving a good bar-b-que. I grew up in the south so I gained some attributes from that, and my parents gave me northern and English influence. All of that together has made me into the slightly southern, northern, and English person that I am today. My household is a lenient one, because my parents trusted me. They never gave me curfew, though I still came home around ten every night out. My parents never had set chores, because they expected me to help when I was asked. When they told me to do something I always tried my best to do it, though sometimes I forgot. I told them about my whereabouts and who I was with, because I knew that if I would have lied I would have lost their

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