My Passion For Learning

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My Passion for Learning
I am from Venezuela and as most of a Latin-American young I dreamed of studying some day in any university of the United States, but while I was getting older my dream faded. Thus, I went to college in my country and graduated from it in 2000. Several years after, I got marriage and moved out to U.S. When I arrived here, a hot summer evening, that lost dream appeared in my mind again. But, this was far from being realized. I did not come to study; I just came with a work visa, which restricted me to working in a Hispanic church only. Through a little contact with English speakers, two years passed and my English remained worryingly basic; consequently, studying English become imperative. Added to it, in my heart burned a strong desire to become a professional here. Therefore, I have undertaken a long journey to learn English; from there, my passion for learning was born. I have developed that passion for the past nine years. Due to I “communicate primarily in Spanish” my learning journey would be no easy. (Lunsford). According to the Ex-president Barack Obama says in his inspirational speech “yes, we can”, the journal to reach a dream or fight for a cause would be hard, but a determined attitude leads people to overcome obstacles and achieve success. (Lunsford 123). As a result, my biggest obstacle is finding a balance between my job, my school, and my family life. I am a married woman with young children and a full time job. Currently, I am enrolled

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