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I had built my comfort zone – and I was about to leave it. When I joined my elementary school’s robotics team as a fifth grader, I had no idea the kind of perseverance I would need to make it through the thick shell I had constructed for myself just to get through the first meetings. As meetings came and went, I began to listen to what my team mentor had to say because it really was applicable to everyone’s life, inside and outside of our team. Every meeting he would come and sit down with the students and ask us how our days were going and what we were hoping to get out of this team. I think he was doing it just to be nice, but I took it very seriously:
"I’m doing fine, and I hope to learn more about robots and engineering."
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With my initial introduction to the competition and manufacturing atmosphere, I was challenged with socialization and the spreading of ideas about game theory and how we had built and designed our robot. While it was a great personal challenge, I finally broke free of the idea that my opinion wasn’t worth providing. I came to this conclusion because I was being valued as a person for sharing my ideas. “Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It's coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly.”(Dyson)Without the positive actions and comments provided to me when I would speak out, I would have surely been stuck within my own thick shell.
The job I want to do at Rolls-Royce a system is a group of individual components and parts that are combined to do a task such as lubricates bearings (oil system), keep parts at the desired temperature (air system) or the vibration signature of the turbomachinery as it operates. My day to day tasks include troubleshooting any issues that occur in the field, analyzing data to better understand how the product works and designing testing to push the limits of hardware allowing the customer to use the product for longer. Which makes me thrilled to just think about even though I may not be accepted into this program, it’s still something that I would love

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