My Passion In Music

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Throughout my 14 years of life, I have always been a musical child. At a very early age, I was exposed to all different genres and artists, from Gwen Stefani to AC/DC. I easily fell in love with music, enjoying it and learning it. Although I have always adored music and have been shy to express that to other people, in the past few years I have been more open to sharing my talent and my passion for it, with other people. (road map) When I started playing cello in fourth grade, I was very excited to learn a new instrument and to perform in an ensemble with my friends. I was second stand, second chair, meaning I was the fourth best cellist in the orchestra. I was happy that I was not the first chair. Despite my love for the instrument, I had never been upset to not be first chair. In fifth grade, I did not participate in NYSSMA and for the first half of the year, I was still second stand, second chair. Then, Dr. Perea, the orchestra conductor, decided we would be playing Smoke on the Water for our winter concert. There was a section of the arrangement that he decided to feature soloists within our orchestra. He had picked violins and violas to perform the solos, teaching them patterns and improv skills to play. One day after rehearsal, I realized I wanted to take part in the solos. I went to Dr. Perea and told him I had an interest in playing during the solo section. He told me he was excited to hear that I wanted to play, and so he gave me a key signature and sent me on my

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