My Personal Life : The Problems Of My Life

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I’ve only been in school for a few days and I can already tell, this isn’t going to be like other years. Not only did I get to choose the classes I took, but I can also start to get an idea of what it is I want to do with my life. I’m taking all honors classes, but that’s more because mom wanted me to. However, if it were up to me, I still probably would’ve taken classes that challenge me because I would most likely get bored in other classes. Mom’s still dead set on me getting into the National Honor Society and going to K-State. Despite mom’s persistence, dad doesn’t particularly care about school as long as I’m participating in a sport and not failing my classes. The problems of my personal life seem insignificant to the problems going on in the world. Donald Trump was elected president on my fourteenth birthday. He’s not even through his first year and there have been riots, the minor threat of nuclear war, and more investigations into his presidency than I ever thought possible. Basically, the world is just beginning to realize that the way we’ve been living isn’t how we can continue to live, and people are not happy. A few of those unhappy people have been friends of mine. Because of this, we’re no longer friends. It wasn’t a minor difference in political opinion that caused our separation, it was a disagreement about serious topics that have affected my family and I personally.
Besides those few people that I’m no longer friends with, I have a pretty strong

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