Mandala Symbolism

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The Importance of Family Mandalas are symbols engraved with a meaning that is drawn together using a centerpiece. My personal mandala is a symbol of my life, laid out are all of the passions and hobbies in my life. As my centerpiece shows, all of my activities surround family. Family has been a sturdy structure to lean on and a strong influence in my life since I was born. Unlike many things, such as friends, family will always be there for you, no matter what.
My center is a drawing of a tree. Trees are built from the ground up; they have high parts, and low parts, every piece is connected, and depending on the time of the day, parts of the tree can be bleeding with sunshine, and parts of the tree can be swallowed by shadows. My family is like a tree with every moment of life we live together. My family has highs and lows, we share most of our happiest moments with each other, but we do have our low moments filled with anger and sadness. My family also has bright parts, and shadowy parts, but we are always there for each other. Every tree has their young-lively parts, and every tree has their fallen-dead parts. No story is whole, without its history, which is filled with fallen characters. Many of my deceased family members have had an epic impact on my life. In the end, no matter what, all of the structures are connected and are helping each other out; the roots give the rest of the tree water, the trunk is the structure that keeps the tree standing tall, and the leaves

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