My Personal Mission Of College

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College is exciting, but also extremely nerve racking as well. All the decision makes life stressful, with that I am going to state my personal mission, assess myself and finally make some goals. In the long run I hope to lower the stress levels by making a plan. My personal mission between now and graduation, is to acquire a well paying job or gain experience through internships to get a well paying job. I think God called me to Grace College because He had a plan. I originally wanted to go to grace main campus and play soccer at collegiate level. I felt that what God wanted is not what I wanted. By going to Grace, I have expanded my love for Him also, growing in my love for leading worship. I feel God has called me to learn and grow in education to eventually attain a job to support a family. My self assessment and analysis will be on my strengths, Challenges and how implicate what I know to college. For my strengths, I have mastered time management in the workplace. I am organized and always reliable. I have a lot a patients working with people and quick to solve problems. I strive to work diligently in the work place to accomplish my tasks. The challenges I face is when my patients run out and I struggle to work with people who cannot accomplish common sense tasks. I struggle at sitting at a desk for more than a few hours. To implement those to college would be to apply time management and patients to school. Also trying to work and get along better

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