My Personality Model Of Organizational Behavior

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As a future manager, it is important to understand how my personality can affect my specific role, my co-workers, and the success of the organization. This paper explores my personality style according to the Myer-Briggs personality test. I explored how each of the letters represents my personality as Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging (ISFJ). I have presented how each of these letters makes up my personality by providing personal and work experiences with a focus on my weaknesses. I have been able to better assess my worldview perspective under the Covenant model of Organizational behavior. Furthermore, I have explored what I learned to better understand how I fit in my organization and my role as an administrative assistant. By …show more content…

God made a Covenant with Noah in Genesis 9:17 God promised that he would never destroy the world again after the flood. God allowed the flood on earth because of the violence and corruption of men. God also made a covenant when he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins and was risen. When we admit to be sinners and accept him as our savior, he gives us eternal life, and we begin a covenant relationship with Him. Covenants are important because they represent how relationships develop and what responsibility or role each member plays. Organizations often make Covenants which “protects the right of everyone by protecting the rights of every individual” (Fischer, K., 2009 p. 9). Applications of Covenantal terms within organizations fall under Hesed, Mutual Accountability, and Federalism (Fischer, K., 2009 p. 10). These terms are later discussed within the personality types. I-Introverted The Myers-Briggs Personality Test Analysis revealed that I am 72% distinctly Introverted. Under this preference, my energy source comes from inside as opposed to Extraverts whose energy is external. As an introverted, I tend to keep my feelings inside. This is truer in my work life than it is among my family and close friends. In my family, I am the oldest daughter; therefore, the authority that was bestowed upon me over my younger siblings allowed me to be more extroverted at home. This is not the case for my work life where I am a full introvert.

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