Personality 's Impact On Performance Management

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To understand how personality has consequences and influences it has on performance, it would be vital to contrast organisations and a psychologists approach as well definition of personality in an accurate and detailing understanding. Personalities can play a vital role in employee performance, as psychology attempts to distinguish the differences between individuals. "Personality is the psychological qualities that influence an individual 's characteristics behaviour patterns, in a stable and distinctive manner" (Huczynski & Buchanan 2013). It would also be necessary to consider the performance of employees which would affect the needs and expectations of stakeholders '. Organisations and employees would be required deliver satisfying results which would benefit in profit and an exceptional reputation for the organisation, however not all organisations seek to earn profit. This would be classified as performance management, "performance management is a process by which the company manages its performance in line with its corporate and functional strategies and objectives" (Bitici, Carrie & McDevitt 1997. This essay will investigate how personality predicts employee performance and explore factors which organisations need to scrutinize in order to accomplish certain tasks. "Researchers in both personality and industrial-organizational psychology have converged on a five factor model (FFM) as a widely accepted framework of personality". (Barrick, Stewart & Piotrowski,2002).
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