My Philosophy of Education is Progressivism

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The purpose of education is not to just fill our head with lots of information, but to discover your uniqueness and to teach us how to develop it, and to show us how to, in return, give it away. Once you learn something in life, you should be able to absorb it in a way to use it in your life and then in turn pass it on to someone else in order to contribute to their growth as well. I also believe that the essence of education includes knowledge and skills. Once you are educated on a matter you obtain knowledge and/or skill. Education is understood as the artificial extension of human ability to learn, as the product of learner’s own efforts (Sidorkin, 2011). My philosophy on education falls under progressivism. The theory of progressivism suggests the nature of the learner refers to how each learner learns. I believe that learners are in part unique, free choosing and responsible people whom are made up of intellect and emotion. A learner is anyone whom is open to learning or obtaining knowledge. A learner is one who can obtain and process information which can be used in life currently or can be later applied. Everyone has held the position of a learner even in the simplest form of the term. Learning happens at the very first stages of life; learning to eat, cry, walk, talk, and even learning to exist. Preferred instructional strategies for diverse learners. There are several forms of diversity in the…
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