Do Schools Kill Creativity Analysis

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I believe education is a path that helps build a person into a well-rounded individual.It is a series of never ending stepping stones that leads people into developing not just their knowledge, but their character.Education influences the mind to think critically and therefore become a life long learner.Many people, such as Alfie Kohn and E.D. Hirsch Jr. have explained their views on the purpose of education.Hirsch, for example, believes in the idea that general knowledge is the key to becoming a more competent person, while Kohn believes that you don’t need to rely on facts to be a well-educated person.While I agree and disagree with some of their points, these statements helped me establish my own idea on what the purpose…show more content…
One of the reasons why education is more about challenging your mind to think critically and creatively and less about specific subjects that we are demanded to take in school is because it leads to better results, meaning people are more likely to thrive in something they are passionate for.They are able to acquire knowledge and easily develop ideas.The school systems around the world have a structured system that prevents students from being exposed to other subjects, such as those that are under the arts category.School systems like this is what causes the decrease in societal and personal growth.It destroys students creativity and even their desicion making.For example, in the video “Do schools kill Creativity?” by Ken Robinson, he explains how a gir named Gillian became a dancer after she had a visit in the doctors due to fidgeting and lack of focus iin school and how she became a proffesional dancer.This proves that some people are just meant to be involved with the arts, but schools don’t encourage it as much.As Kohn says, “ Knowing a lot of stuff may seem harmless, albeit insufficient, but the problem is that efforts to shape schooling around this goal, dressed up with pretentious labels like “cultural literacy,” have the effect of taking away from more meaningful objectives, such as knowing how to think”.I agree with Kohn’s statement because it expresses the capability that school systems have into trying to force students to learn about something they may not even be required to know for what they want to achieve in the future.In this case knowing less about one subject can lead to knowing more about another subject that you actually enjoy.Even though, I do think that some subjects arent exactly insignifiant and serve to enrich students desire to learn, I still dont think its fit for all students who want a different learning experience.In the Lawrence High School Core Values Statement, it states that “ self-directed, life-long learners who persist
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